Welcome to WeirdUrl, the webzone of Nathan Malone. Originally this site ran in Flash Player. Now Flash is dead so here's this new shiny webpage instead. I am an artist and animator, please check out the links below. Or dont. I'm not your boss.

If you want to contact me (hopefully about work) send me an email at
zekeyspaceylizard @ gmail .com


My name is Nathan. I've been animating and painting since 2002. I've been fortunate enough to work for Mr.Weebl, The History Channel, Mojang, and College Humor. Very recently thanks to support from Studio Yotta, I've been able to work for Netflix, Disney, Adult Swim, and a few others.

I like to draw and paint. I also do graphic design and video editing. If the above images delight you (or disgust you) and you wish to see more, please click the Artstation link in the horizontal list of link icons. That is my main portfolio where I keep all my crap.

I am a fan of turtles. I consider them a perfect animal.

If you want to contact me about work you can do so via the gmail link above. If you want to just chat about cartoons and videogames you can pester me on Discord or Steam if you wanna.

Thats it.